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| Sliver Arrows Marine Unveils Granturismo Miami

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| Monaco Monte-Carlo [ENA] | Montecarlo, 29 November 2016 - Silver Arrows Marine's new Granturismo Experience, announced at the exclusive My Yacht Miami luxury brand showcase, offers a unique insight into life with the acclaimed Mercedes-Benz Style-designed 14m motor yacht. The innovative concept takes invited guests on a truly gran turismo journey, on land by Mercedes-Benz automobiles and on sea by Mercedes.

| © Silver Arrows Marine All rights reserved.
| © Silver Arrows Marine All rights reserved.
| © Silver Arrows Marine All rights reserved.

| The first Silver Arrows Marine motor yacht. It is a day being seduced by emotive design, exquisite materials, and a completely fresh approach to lifestyle living on board a 14m yacht.

| The Granturismo Experience debut in 2017 in Monte-carlo but is announced today, on the eve of Silver Arrows Marine's attendance at My Yacht Miami, one of a series of invitation-only luxury brand events held around the world on superyachts. Silver Arrows Marine is being represented in Miami by Chairman Ron Gibbs and Chief Executive Officer Jacopo Spadolini.

| Jacopo Spadolini said: "It's great to be in the US and, after four years of intense development work, to be able to say: Silver Arrows Marine is open for business.

| The My Yacht events provide the perfect opportunity for us to explain all that is new and innovative about our uniquely designed yacht. We look forward to welcoming guests from the US aboard our first yacht when the Granturismo Experience days start next Year.

| Silver Arrows Marine is taking part in the US reception, which is being held as part of the 15th Art Basel Miami Beach contemporary art fair, for the first time. The company's US debut comes after an enthusiastic reception in Europe to its first 14m yacht, designed as the marine cousin of the Mercedes-Benz family of luxury automobiles. At the Monaco Yacht Show in September, the all-new yacht, aptly named Mercedes, impressed all who saw it and who enjoyed its cruising performance.

Monte-carlo, home to Silver Arrows Marine, is the perfect location for the Granturismo Experience and for the company to offer a taste of what it means to be an ARROW460–Granturismo owner. Experiential days are a key ingredient in the one-to-one relationships the company establishes with customers before, during and after a yacht's commissioning and delivery.

| The Silver Arrows Marine Granturismo Experience is a full day in Monaco (available upon request) with owners and future owners of ARROW460-Granturismo.

| Jacopo Spadolini, Silver Arrows Marine Chief Executive Officer, said: "ARROW460-Granturismo has had a rapturous reception but like all truly innovative products the yacht needs to be experienced first-hand to be fully understood. The Granturismo Experience days will allow people to really get to know about "Mercedes" the yacht, but also who we are and how we put the customer first in everything we do.

| ARROW460-Granturismo is launching with an Edition 1 run of 10 fully-specified models. The Edition 1 version of the first Granturismo of the seas can only be ordered direct from Silver Arrows Marine. The price is €2.5 million, more taxes.


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