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| Sliver Arrows Marine Granturismo And Sabrina Monaco 2018

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Monaco Monte-Carlo [ENA] | Montecarlo, 30 August 2018 | The innovative yacht builder Silver Arrows Marine has teamed up with renowned interior design specialists Sabrina Monte-Carlo to offer owners a new personalisation service for the ARROW460-Granturismo motor yacht. Sabrina’s signature Mediterranean colours and focus on outdoor living make a natural fit with the Mercedes-Benz Style-designed ARROW460, with its abundance of light.

| © Silver Arrows Marine All Rights Reserved.
| © Silver Arrows Marine All Rights Reserved.

| Space and hi-tech functionality Sabrina’s choice of decor and hand-picked accessories have already made the firm popular with superyacht owners – it has consulted on the interiors of more than 90 of the world’s largest yachts. This is the first time its unique aesthetic has been available for the 14m ARROW460-Granturismo.

| Silver Arrow Marine clients have access to design services and many of the world’s most prestigious luxury brands, for items such as tableware and accessories, lighting, homewares, fabrics and linen, offering owners endless opportunities for personalisation.

| Sabrina has specialised in superyachts and we designed and built ARROW460-Granturismo like it was a superyacht, so this is a very natural collaboration,” said Jacopo Spadolini, Silver Arrows Marine’s CEO. “We believe our clients will value this partnership highly as the ideal way to personalise their ARROW460.

| Monaco is home to both Silver Arrows Marine and Sabrina, where the design company has four showrooms. As well as yachts, it has designed the interiors of palaces, apartments and private jets. Sabrina Monteleone-Oeino, who quit the fashion industry to start the company, is famous for designs that reflect the Mediterranean lifestyle with its vibrant colours and chic appeal.

| Sabrina’s finishing touches in decor and accessories and our ARROW460-Granturismo make the perfect match, added Jacopo Spadolini.


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