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| Fulvio Dodich Rosetti Superyachts

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| Ravenna Italia [ENA] | Ravenna - 26th of October 2017 Fulvio Dodich Biography At Rosetti Superyachts. | Fulvio Dodich actual job position is Partner&Chairman Rosetti Superyachts – with the 10% of the company share and fully entrusted with building responsibility. | Fulvio Dodich was born in Ravenna on 19th November 1953. At just 25 years old.


| He entered the family business, a leading European company in the earth moving machinery sector in the ‘80s.

| This was a period of progressive growth for Fulvio Dodich, which resulted in him taking over the reins of the company entirely, from the product to the organization of a network of national dealers and importers and distributors on an international level.

| In 1990, he became the Managing Director of International Construction Equipments, a company operating in the earth moving machinery sector, where he obtained excellent results thanks to the development of a line of successful products and the introduction of a fully computerized system, which also included CRM functions. He was also behind the growth of the global dealer network, which saw a rise of over 80% in the volume of exports.

| In 1994, he joined CEFLA in Imola (Bologna) - Furniture Division - where he managed to boost the turnover, thanks to the extension of the dealers’ network and the penetration of markets considered of strategic importance (Far East-Asia Pacific, Central and Northern Europe).

| In 1996, after over 18 years of experience in the commercial divisions of various business, Dodich joined one of the most important group of the yachting industry - Ferretti SpA on the invitation of Norberto Ferretti, who appointed him as S&M Vice President. He was given the task of increasing the turnover and expanding the sales network on an international level.

| Dodich thus contributed to developing the international growth of Ferretti Group, through the reorganization of the dealer network, strengthening its operations abroad, especially in the Far East and Asia Pacific. In order to gain a better understanding of these markets, he also dedicated himself to studying Chinese culture and language.

| In 2000 Fulvio Dodich participated to the IPO of Ferretti SpA and to the road-shows in Europe and in the USA for the subsequent years, maintaining high level relations with the most important financial analysts, private equity and investment funds.

| In September 2002, after having been member of BoD of Riva SpA and Ferretti SpA, Fulvio Dodich was appointed Managing Director of the Ferretti Yachts division, with the aim of creating a new team and achieving ambitious growth targets.

| In 2005, the Mochi Craft division passed into his management, too; Custom Line followed a year later. Fulvio Dodich was thus covering the role of CEO for all three brands in the Ferretti Group.

| In August 2006, Dodich has been appointed General Manager of the holding company Ferretti SPA.

| In September 2007 the Italian magazine “Class”, in an article entitled “The knights who made great enterprises” ranked him as the 21st Italian Manager (Sergio Marchionne 1st).

| In November 2007 he resigned from Ferretti SpA. after the conclusion of the 2006-2007 financial year, far exceeding the expected results. He wanted to start a new phase of development cooperating with several financial partners.

| In 2008 Fulvio Dodich started a long-term cooperation with the major Investment Funds and Private Equities aiming to acquire companies and produce a quick turn around, driving them to a successful growth exploiting his experience, expertise and reputation.

| Some of the most qualified projects between 2008 to January 2013: o Off Shore Platform, o Green Energy o Earth Moving Eq., o Ocean Towage, Offshore Terminal Towage, Salvage and Marine Pollution ResponseJewels and Gold Companies o After 1/1/2009 (Fulvio Dodich had signed a non compete ending on 31/12/2008) until January 2013, o Luxury Yachts industries, too.

| In February 2013 Fulvio Dodich joined as CEO Sanlorenzo SpA, ranked as the third global luxury yachts builder, where, according to the majority shareholder and Chairman’s plan, he pursues a strong growth strategy. Fulvio Dodich has given a huge thrust to turnover increase, structure of a stronger dealer network, improvement of the production system. Jointly to the Chairman, he has led the process of new models design and creation.

| In July 2014, after reaching very important goals, he resigned from Sanlorenzo SpA for family reasons, but he remains member of the BoD of the company until December 2014.

| Since December 2014 - until December 2015 he works jointly with some Private Equity Companies and Advisors (Montezemolo & Partners – Accuracy and others) developing new industrial projects. Since January 2016 and until July he supported, as an advisor, an Austrian Company for a specific growth plan.

| In April 2017 Fulvio Dodich joined Rosetti Marino Spa, a company listed at MAC – Milan Stock Exchange Market, leading in Gas & Oil offshore and onshore plants, energy, engineering and shipbuilding. Rosetti Marino SpA (majority stake holder) and Fulvio Dodich (minority stake holder) founded Rosetti Superyachts SpA, the goal of which is to become one of the best player in the Superyacht market between 40 and 140 mt, exploiting the shipbuilding capabilities of the Marino Rosetti Group.



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